Multiple hubs and dashboards

I set up a hub at one house and have the remote dashboard working well. I just started up another hub at a different house and got its dashboard running. Both hubs are linked to my account. When I go to the app, the only dashboard that comes up is the first house. How do i set it up that both dashboards are available on the app?

Go to Settings (click on the cog wheel) and add a Custom Dashboard that points to the other hub.

(Can also change your selected hub on that screen...)

I'm sorry, but I don't have any idea how to add a dashboard that points to the new hub. If I am present at the 2nd house, i can go to the hub on the lan. I did find the settings you spoke of. I am not at the 1st house.

Easiest way may be to use that same page to switch to your second hub, and grab the cloud URL for a dashboard off it, and then switch back and enable the custom dashboard (alternatively, open a browser to the second hub and grab the dashboard URL from there).

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