Multiple hub - multiple accounts


Is there a way to support multiple hubs with more than one account? For example, I have my own Hubitat that I want to control locally. But at my parent's house, we have another Hubitat which is primarily tied to my dad's account. Optimally, it would be nice to have both Hubitats available from a single mobile app and switch between "controllers".


could you access both via the cloud links for their dashboards ?


True. But I want to have notifications and presence.


Pushover ?
Presence, probably life360 on one hub and HE app for the other.


You're saying you want to be logged into the mobile app for 2 hubs at once basically? Not possible presently.


Hence the request in the beta. :slight_smile:


I wouldn't even say I need to logged into both simultaneously. To have the ability to switch would be useful.


Do you want to push/receive the same presence and notification status to/from each hub, or do you want each to be separate? HubConnect can handle either scenario: you can share a "mobile app device" (this gives Hubitat presence from the app and allows it to push notifications to that app) from one hub to the other, then use it however you see fit. I think you'll need a third-party app (unless RM can handle this) to "bounce" notifications from the shared notification device to your real/desired notification device (this is more or less what I do but for a totally different reason) if that's what you are aiming for. Presence can be used however you want, though not directly by a mobile device on the "shared to" hub (only a Hubitat Mobile App Device type can do this, but there are plenty of ways to aggregate presence devices if needed).

It sounds like a lot of work (if you've looked at HubConnect before) to set up just for this, but you'd only need to install the mobile app device driver on the remote hub (not the rest of the nearly three dozen drivers), along with the required driver and apps on the appropriate hubs, so it wouldn't be too much...but again it depends what you really want to do.


Thanks. I'll check it out.