Multiple HE's to reduce reliability/comm issues.. thoughts?

The options for how someone uses their 2nd hub are endless.

I really wanted mine for development/testing, I got one without the USB dongle in fact.

That said, I do think I'm going to do some offloading of certain production apps from my main hub, too.

I already have a nortek stick so am tempted as well....

I guess now I need to read up on hub-hub linking. I seem to remember it being pretty easy, though.

Thanks! I knew I saw that somewhere, now I don't have to look.

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Okay I just ordered another one as well.. couldn't let @JasonJoelOld have all the fun. :rofl:


My secret is that I did something kind of bad on my hub last night while updating a user created app I wrote. :wink: It was fixable, but the hub got really unresponsive for a bit before I was able to get the display to react enough to pause it...

Ha! Infinite loops will do that....:sunglasses:

Yeah... Oops. :slight_smile:

What model power line adapter are you using? There are several choices and seems like yours are solid. Or is there a better choice today that people would recommend? I used an old model from my brother that he wasn't using to try and it was a little flaky

In my day we programmed our infinite mistakes with gotos and liked it!


I use this. There are definitely cheaper ones out there, though, depending on your speed needs. I have one of my security cameras streaming 24/7 to an NVR on these, and no dropouts to speak of that weren't power outage related...

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Thanks. That is how I was trying the old version that I had trouble with was for streaming a HD camera signal to my NVR

I'm using a TP-Link that's about 4 years old.

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The Zyxel model above are rather large, but seem to work VERY well based on my experiences with them over the last 18-24 months.

I have 3 hubs with USB stick, one additional Nortek stick when I was using Hassio, one hub is the production, the other is the development and the last one the backup, as I found how to clone my z-wave and zigbee networks, having a mayor failure I can use the backup to restore any of the other 2. I will link 2 hubs soon and play more. But this is nothing I needed, one hub works just fine for me.

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Just note that, while Mike didn't really say what was on his "first" hub, it's likely a mix of Z-Wave and ZigBee per the standard capabilities of the US hub's stick. The "second" hub is likely the same hardware but only using the ZigBee network, doing so for the purpose of creating separate/additional ZigBee network that only contains ZigBee bulbs (not the entire ZigBee network so as to separate it from the "Z-Wave hub").

If you're not familiar with this, the reasoning is almost certainly the fact that most ZigBee bulbs are poor repeaters when not on ZLL networks, at least for non-bulb devices, i.e., when paired to ZHA 1.2 networks like Hubitat. (ZLL devices should fall back to ZHA if they can't find a ZLL network to join.) Assuming bulbs paired under the ZHA profile repeat reliably for each other--and a later post by Mike suggests he hasn't noticed any problems--this is a neat solution that avoids the "ZigBee bulb" problem on your main ZHA network (without resorting to Sengled bulbs that don't repeat at all or the few, if any, known-good repeating bulbs).

The other solution, of course, is to use something like the Hue bridge and avoid pairing them to Hubitat at all, as many of us do. (This has some other advantages, like native Siri integration and color-capable Alexa support if any of that is of interest, plus easy, optional out-of-home access and easy scene creation.) But it's all the same general idea: keeping ZigBee bulbs off your "main" ZigBee network that contains a mix of other devices.

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This is pretty much what I do. I got a second, stickless hub for development/testing after I got tired of accidentally freezing my main hub with coding mishaps. (Apparently, referring to a page you haven't defined will cause the app to freeze. Totally my fault for making a typo, but it would also be nice if that didn't happen. I digress.)

I'm using Hub Link and Link to Hub (always forget which one is which, but you need both) to "share" devices from my radio-equipped hub to the other, and I've also used the second hub to try community-created apps before I see if it's worth putting them on my "main" hub (and to make sure I don't have any problems).

Oh, and I also have webCoRE running on my "second" hub--at least until I figure out how to recreate the few pistons I have remaining as rules or custom apps. I promise I won't ask for support on this hub. :slight_smile: (But I also haven't noticed problems on either hub since doing this.) If I have time, I'll likely also move other possibly intensive apps to this hub, maybe the MQTT Bridge or HomeBridge apps, though I haven't noticed any problems with those on my main hub so far. If I ever have problems, though, I'm sure Support would love it if I had entirely stock apps and drivers.

That is fascinating thank you! I'm in the process of resetting my hub and all 100+ devices due to some poor decisions with my HE explorations. :slight_smile:

Since I have another hub on order I may give that a try. I have mostly Z-Wave but Zigbee can be so much faster.

The sad thing is I haven't been able to find a lot of powered Zigbee devices at least in the US. Things like old style toggle switches and dimmers etc.