Multiple HE's to reduce reliability/comm issues.. thoughts?

I ripped all mine out.

Perhaps I will be showing my age :wink: but we prefer to have a "landline" as well as our cell phones. We converted to Ooma and can still use the phone lines to extend that to all the rooms.

Having been around rotary for a bit and then ultimately weening my wife's parents off of Ma Bells never ending touch-tone phone rental scam I completely understand - and also lament the lost days of youth :sob:

However over time we found ourselves using less and less of the land line. If you aren't on copper any more then there seems to be no real benefit unless cell reception is terrible at your location.

Our biggest problem is that we immediately put our cell phones in the charger at the entrance to the house and typically don't hear them when they ring...just ask our kids! :smile: But we have the landline handsets in almost every room of the house and they all ring when a call comes in. People who know us well know to call us on the main phone number...

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We solved the need to have a landline by buying a wireless handset system that connected to our phones via bluetooth. We would come home, plug the phones in to charge, and they would automatically connect to the wireless handset phone's base. When our cell phones rang, the handsets would too. You could also very easily make outbound calls from the handset, just as you are used to now. This also eliminated someone calling the house number and not reaching us because we were not home.

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so would it be possible / worth it to use a second hub just for rooms manager? with all the devices still connected to the primary hub, just running the app to control them on the other hub?

Or has anyone investigated issuing commands to HE from elsewhere on the LAN? like running an automation server that could run any type of code I want, and control the devices attached to HE?

That was one of my questions as well in another thread.. I mean you could do it but is it worth it?

For now I am running in distributed mode with a controller hub for internet/custom/shared stuff and 2 client hubs in different locations in my house for more localized device control. Each client hub has it's own set of lighting/rules etc to handle it's own devices, only a few things are linked back to the controller hub.

So would the hub-link (or other capability) provide full access to devices attached to one hub, to a second hub on the lan?

I'd say my HE use case is 80% to run rooms manager, as it's the only current way I know of for time of day brightness and color temperature. If there's a "lighter" way of doing it, I'd give it a shot.

Check out an alternative to hublink @srwhite's HubConnect:

I have not used Room Manager but like @bangali's work - APIXU weather driver is great.

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I just stumbled across that a few minutes ago! Looks very interesting, with bi-directional control. If I end up getting a second HE I'll look into this.

IF you buy another HE from their site you can use the discount code "SECONDHUB" to get an additional $10 off in the US at least.

Also I have another thread discussing multi-hub strategies that may be worth thinking about..

I couldn’t get the FIFTHHUB code to work... :rofl:



"SECONDHUB" worked for my 4th hub so there is that.... :rofl:

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And to think, people have been concerned about Hubitat's revenue stream...:smiley:

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We're starting to understand the business model.


I know, genius right? That's why they get paid the big bucks I guess.

What concerns me about the Hubitat business model is they were successful in convincing me to buy two Caseta hubs and a half ton of Lutron dimmers and switches while only buying one Hubitat Elevation hub. My spend is more than 10:1 in favor of Lutron so far.


See that's where my insanity has been (temporarily) stymied. We have no Lutron stuff at all in the house + "classic" style toggle switches. Convincing the wife to make the jump ain't going happen anytime soon. I did have a brief moment of weakness with the Hue stuff though.

I have been enviously admiring all you Lutron people with your picos, cool bridges integration into HE, fancy expensive gadgetry and quick response times etc etc...

"Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends."

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