Multiple control tiles?


I am a ST user , trying to migrate to Hubitat.
So far going good. But I have some questions about usability of the dashboard/tiles.

is there a way of controlling/seeing different parameters of the device on a single tile ?

I mean, for example on ST, we have color bulbs and when we select them in mobile app, we can both turn them on/off, and we can also set color / level. From the same item...

on Hubitat dashboard, there is a simple tile. If I use the "bulb" template, I can only turn on/off.
If I select "color bulb" template, then I can select it and go into color/level settings. how can I turn it on/off without going into these settings ?

second, on ST I can reach a detailed thermostat page when I select my thermostat.
However, on Hubitat, there is a very simple Thermostat tile and not much information on the thermostat settings.

Am I doing something wrong ?

Use the Color Bulb Template?

You click on the tile and the above opens...

ok but this one doesn't have a simple on/off feature without going into that detail page.

also, what about the thermostat question ?

You can layer the tiles..


Click the bottom half, it's a switch, click the top half, it pops up that dialog box.

Crude, I know.

nice solution. how can I put it layered ?

Just add another tile. I picked the same device, switch, and then used the location arrows to put it into the same place. Dashboard automatically 'layers' (makes BG transparentish.)

Note: My grid is 2x -- therefore a 1x1 tile (default size) takes up 'half' a tile-space in my layout. Or said another way, the bottom tile is 2 high. For me, a 'normal' tile is 2x2 (2 high, 2 wide) on a grid that is double the standard/default grid.

Also Note: There is no 'to front' or 'to back' so you must add the tiles to the Dashboard from the bottom first.

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nice. I've done that and it really solves the color bulb with switch issue.
However, I still have the problem with thermostat.
My thermostat tile does not show much. I would like to be able to control the thermostat like in my Smartthings app setup. Is there a solution to that ?

And, also I want to see recent events of devices on the mobile app.
For example, I want to see when the presence sensor was departed and arrived. How can I see that ?

Not a tidy solution but you can use RM to write the dept/arrived time stamp to a global variable and then use an appropriate tile to display that. You might be able to kludge together a composite tile with superimposed parts or add the values into one display tile using Tile Master.

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yes, this is a solution. But really not a tidy and applicable one.
I want to see history of events not just for my presence sensors but all devices.
I can't create many virtual devices to show history of real devices.

What is Tile Master ?

I have this issue on most of the tiles.
For example, window shades; on smartthings, I have commands : open/close/stop and level 50%
But on Hubitat, there is a Window Shade tile which only can set open/close or set a level.
I don't see the ability to stop the shade at any point I want.
even if I have the required code in device driver to make it stop.

On thermostat it is another story.
How do you guys interact with these devices ?

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I am still looking for a solution to this.
I have several devices with multiple information. Hubitat tiles are not enough to display/control multiple properties from a device.
For example, a multisensor (temperature, humidity, light, UV) , Hubitat shows only temperature.

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