Multiple C7 and a C5 to C8

I have 2 C7s and a C5. I want to migrate to the new C8 but do not see away except to re-pair all devices.

I have been trying to get my mainly zigbee device but they are not fully paring. and once paired I lose connection to them when I move to final location.

I am using several zigbee repeaters to build this one out.



Where are you running into troubles? You can migrate one hub to another, but you cannot combine multiple hubs into one if that is what you are trying to do. Otherwise, from either of your existing hubs, the following should work:

To avoid the need to re-pair, you'll need to follow the directions there -- notably, using the cloud backup. If you have Hub Protect on the current hub, this is a straightforward regular cloud backup (just make sure it's current). If you don't, there's a one-time "migration" backup you can make, also documented there. Whichever you end up making can be restored to the new hub, including your paired devices.

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