Multiple Ambient Weather Station Integrations

I am using the Ambient Weather App by Kurt Sanders. Is there a way to set up more than one weather station with this app?

Generally, you can install multiple instances of the same app. Have you tried that? Would that give you what you need?


You can tag individual users in your posts like this:


Generally speaking, the developer of an app is the best resource for answering questions, but they may or may not see your question if you don’t call their attention to your post in some way.

Many devs have a [RELEASE] thread for their apps and drivers, which is also a good way to ask questions that they are likely to see and can respond to.


As stated above by @Sebastien, multiple instances of the renamed app code (not devices) will hopefully work.

I haven’t worked on this version since doing a very basic port from Smarthings where that native version was developed with multiple instances built in.

Perhaps down the road I will get back to developing natively on HE.


@KurtSanders - I am running the January 23,2021 version of the Ambient Weather Hubitat integration. It has been working fairly good.

One thing I do see is an excessive number of Entries in the log. I have disabled the logging options during the setup process. Is there some way to reduce/eliminate the following Entries?

[2021-12-04 08:08:31.116 pm SUCCESS: AmbientStationData successfully updated for runID: 9636

[2021-12-04 08:08:31.107 pm [info]SUCCESS: Retry AmbientStationData re-attempt #1 for runID: 9636

2021-12-04 08:08:30.774 pm [info]Executing Retry AmbientStationData re-attempt #1 for RunID: 9636

2021-12-04 08:08:30.749 pm [info]AmbientStationData Time difference is 10 secs between last execution

2021-12-04 08:08:30.747 pm [info]Start: AmbientStationData runID: 9636 at 08:08:30 PM

2021-12-04 08:08:30.743 pm [info]Executing full ambientWeatherStation routine runID: 9636

2021-12-04 08:08:30.734 pm [info]retryQuick #1 RunID: 9636

@capritzl Totally agree! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I decided to come out of "HE Developer Hiatus" to release a minor version 5.05 which will reduce excessive run-time log messages in the HE Log when "Show Info Messages in Logging View setting in the application setup preferences is set to False/Off. The new 5.05 release can be installed via Hubitat Package Manager in the Update procedure.

These excessive info messages were originally added in the past when Ambient Weather backend servers were very erratic in honoring API requests.

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I have upgraded to the latest version. The [info] log Entries are gone. Thanks. However I am getting these now.

[debug](Ambient Weather Station API Data runID 7991: status code: 429, reason phrase: Too Many Request

Looks like the Ambient Weather API Servers are still under powered and are rejecting random valid time intervals for weather station API refresh rates. So annoying and will result in stale data until the server accepts the next API attempt.

I have released another minor update release (5.06) via Hubitat Package Manager that will suppress all debug level messages in the app when it is turned off in the app settings.

You can also change the scheduled refresh rate in the Ambient Weather app preferences to a longer time interval which will also "hopefully" allow each scheduled refresh API to resolve successfully.

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Thanks for jumping on this so quickly. The changes worked.

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@KurtSanders installed via HPM, grabbed my key off the dashboard and I continually get "Too Many Request". At first it was "Unauthorized" I think there was a delay with account activation/confirmation steps

EDIT Meaning, I cant even get passed the initial setup step

Any suggestions to get around this?

@cgmckeever Any error messages in the log? This is working for so many people, so I do not have any ideas.

@KurtSanders Appreciate the response.

Just tried this after not dinking with it all night -- was hoping a fresh start in the AM would work. Same error. No logs, this is right during the the initial setup phase (attached)

Is there something in the app/driver code that I can add in to bump the verbosity of the logs?

For fun -- I reboot the hub, uninstalled via HPM, reinstalled - toggling OFF the setup after install. I then went into app -> add user app and entered my key when prompted. Same error "too many requests" .. which is beyond odd since there was 1

for fun part II .. I sent AWS an email regarding this, as I dont see how I can so quickly tap out request limits :frowning:


I'm wondering if you have a correct API string or something else going on! I will private message you so we can look at this together..

@KurtSanders you were right. Once I got my device straightened up - it all works. Thank you!!

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