Multi Tap digitally on Inovelli Switches

I have a bunch of button controller rules setup, some that have some more complex logic. I now have a need to use that logic from another button. However using Push button 2 on REDSERIES Switch with the latest driver seem to be unsupported.

I used to use the Custom Action Press Up 2X but that is now commented out in the driver.

Should I just uncomment it or is there a better way to simulate these button presses.

Are you using the Inovelli supplied drivers or the built-in driver that has S2 in the name?

I am using the inovelli drivers

If you're set on using Inovelli's custom commands, it looks like you could just uncomment them at the top of the file, and they're still defined elsewhere.

Otherwise, a standard technique you can use with nearly any button device is to just manually call the pushed(), held(), or released() commands, passing the button number as the sole parameter. Using Inovelli's awkward mappings, this would be something like:

  • push(1) = single tap up
  • held(1) = single tap down
  • push(2) = double tap up

...and so on. If you're in Rule Machine, you'd no longer need a custom action for this (though could keep doing so if you prefer); the standard "Push a button" action under "Control Switches, Push Buttons" will allow you to specify a button number and action (pushed, held, or released).

When doing this in RM I get the following error

Is there something I am missing. To be sure I just grabbed the latest drivers? that I think about it, you might actually need to declare things like command "push" and whatnot at the beginning of the driver. I thought they came along for free with PushableButton (and likewise for the remaining capabilities), but it appears I remembered wrong.