Multi-switching with Mercator Ikuu-have I got this right?

Very new to all this - just bought my C7….haven’t plugged it in or even purchased anything ‘smart’ yet….so excuse my newbie-ness!

Looking at the Mercator Ikuu switches. I have quite a number of multi switches in my house - some with 3 light switches (and one with a fan as well). Reading the info it seems to indicate that if you have, let’s say, a 3 switch scenario, you would need 4 switches as one needs to be blank to program the multi switch setup? Here’s the info from their website:

With Mercator Ikuü you no longer need a physical cable to connect your products for them to work together. If you’d like to use a Mercator Ikuü light switch in a multi-way configuration, the switch needs to be powered [active and neutral [if applicable]] but have no load connected to the switch terminal. This means the switch will be able to turn on and off via the physical switch and app, but it won’t turn anything on or off unless an automation is set. For instance, you may have a 3-gang switch that has downlights connected to 1 switch, an exhaust fan connected to another switch and the third switch left without a load. This third switch can then be programmed using an automation to be part of a multi-way switching configuration for lights that are connected to another Mercator Ikuü smart switch somewhere else in the home.

Have I read this correctly?


You don't HAVE to set up like the above, you just can.
An example would be having a four gang switch in you garage and using the last of the four switches to turn on a light in your lounge.

I have got mercator ikuu gang switches with inline switch with dimmer which i am using with "City 3 Fixed 3 CCT downlight". This downlight has features - 1. dimmable and 2. colour shifting( i can preset 1 colour to cool, daylight or warm. Suppose few months after i want to change the colour from pre set cool to warm i can change it from pressing switch in particular and can change them if required to different one if needed).
So what is happening everytime i turn on and off smart switch it is changing colour from cool to day and then warm and continues like that. I am unable to preset one colour

On down light product brochure it is written that this downlight requires "an additional mechanical or relay ON/OFF switch on the same circuit with the semi-conductor switch".

I have not been able to get help from Beacon (supplier of this downlights) and my sparky is also not aware how to fix this/ what relay switch is required. If you can help it will be appreciable.


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