Multi-line strings in Libraries

This thread suggests that there are problems with multi-line comments and strings in libraries. There was some discussion about ways to alleviate the issue, but I haven't found anything about what was done, if anything.

Is this still an issue? Any plans to improve the situation?

Also, it appears that a library can't be added without an author, though the documentation specifically says that's not a required field in the definition.

Just break up multi-line strings like this:

"alkjsldkfdlhlkfdf " +

That's... harder... with very long multi-line strings, plus requires more careful escaping. I have a JS script that I was dropping into a paragraph to use as part of an app UI. (Though by carefully eliminating linebreaks before the <script> or after the </script>, the inserted comments actually didn't break the JS itself!)

However, I wound up going a different direction and moved that to a separate .js file hosted by the File Manager instead. Now I just have to wire up HPM to push the file as part of the app install.

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