Multi Line Messages / Text - (Feature Added)

Please add the support for multi line messages. Right now all messages are just one continues line. I have tried many things to get multi lines, but I believe the way it is currently setup it cant handle multi lines as all return line codes I try come out as text.

I would like it if the Message area was a box instead of a line so we can use the return to create a new line. Same for variables that are strings.

My goal is to be able to have a header (The type of alert) and then the next line starts with the message. and be able to start a new line with each device the might be referenced.

Second request (Or i am unsure how)
I still have not found a way to do the following. If system is armed, then send me a message with all devices that are open. (Doors) and then (Windows)

So it would trigger when the system is armed. and then look at all the contacts I select (AKA Doors) and then look at all the contacts i select (Windows) and it they are open I get a notification they are open.:

Result would look something like this:

--System Armed--
Contacts Open

Back Door

Front Room Window
Master Bedroom Window


What type of device are you going to send this notification to? That's an awfully long message for an SMS.

to my cell phone. The messages is not that long. but gives me detailed info if something was left open. Works great on ST just would like the same function on HE, same for push notifications. I would like to be able to have new lines instead of a long line.

Here is an example of a text I have sent to my phone.

:snowflake: Freezer Temp :snowflake:
:thermometer:Temps To High :thermometer:

It looks better than

:snowflake: Freezer Temp :snowflake: 15°F :thermometer:Temps To High :thermometer:

I have Many SMS setup with multi lines. Right now I ST connected to HE and use ST to send the messages using WebCore, but would like everything under HE.

I'm looking into your request. This can easily be added (already done). Will be in the next release...

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Thanks for getting this feature. Now just two of my other requests and I can move completely away from ST.

Bruce mentioned that this would be possible with an upcoming update. There have been many since. Has this been implemented and if so where?

Yes, all of the notifications in apps allow multi-line text.