Multi-hub Notifications

I've got two Hubitat hubs that have been linked using HubConnect (I think it is). Both hubs have some dashboards configured and not all devices are shared between hubs.

The problem I've got is both hubs send notifications and I use the different dashboards in the mobile at different times. However, if I've selected one hub in the mobile app, I don't seem to get notifications from the other hub, and vice versa.

Is this the expected functionality? and in reality I should have my dashboards all on one hub with devices shared such that all notifications come from that one hub?

you can use hubconnect to share notification devices also. just use one hub for notifications, but use hubconnect to send notifications from either hub.

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Thanks, I shared the relevant device. If I continue down this route I'll have to migrate my dashboards. I'm considering Pushover as another way around it.