Multi dry contact relays

I'm currently using a ZEN-16 and it's 3 dry contacts, but was wondering if there was a z-wave compatible device that offers more dry contacts in a single device

You might look at Konnected and some relay modules.


I agree - the cost is minuscule =)

I have quite a few of these dotted about the house - but obviously wifi. Works ace.

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interesting, someone made a whole alarm system using the ESP8266. i do have some that i'm using for other things, and have it integrated using [Release] HubDuino v1.1.9 - Hubitat to Arduino / ESP8266 / ESP32 / ThingShield Integration (ST_Anything) , i might turn one of those into a thing then. not sure how well it'll work for me but i'll give it a shot. i already have one project using a nodemcu and a relay, so i do have some parts left over

Ring Alarm Retrofit Kit has 8 and there is a built-in driver.

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Sort of. The previous generations of my home automation were built around wired sensors, wired motion detectors, and wired bells, alarms, and relays. I use three Konnected boards to surface them as triggers and outputs in Hubitat.

I made my own. Purchased cheap wired door sensors, 12v pir's, sirens and 5v relays.

Hooked them up. Works brilliantly.

Interesting device @bcopeland. I would still use the Zen16. It's cheaper and speaks Z-wave. Today they can be bought for about $32. The Ring device is $150.

I gutted the 25 year old DSC system in my house and put four Zen16s and a power supply in the DSC box. While it would be nice to have more relays in one unit, the Zen16s work great for me. I have bought more to monitor contacts in the lower cabinet doors in our kitchen to control in-cabinet lighting.