MP21ZP Power Monitoring Outlet Driver For Monoston

I got the Minoston MP21ZP outlet with power monitoring, and am able to control it On/Off through the “Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet” driver on my Hubitat, but I’m NOT able to monitor the power usage. This outlet does support power monitoring, based on the description and Amazon listing.

Which driver should I use to be able to control it?

The only two Minoston drivers listed are for a switch and dimmer, not an outlet. I notice this specific outlet is not listed in the supported devices, but I’m wondering if someone has a suggestion for a driver that will work?

Any luck finding a driver for this outlet?

No, I ended up returning the outlet to amazon.

I used the generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet driver and this outlet would send double or triple confirmations of on/off (I can see in the log i turn it on, then it turns on like 3 times, then i turn it off, and it sends the "outlet off" like 4 times) which really messed up my rules because the on/off status is used as a trigger.

I had huge compatibility issues also, to control the outlet. It wasn't responsive, would get stuck in an on/off state, the state would not match the digital on/off state as understood by the hub. Not sure if it's because of the multiple signals it would send, or another reason.

Basically don't get the Minoston MP21ZP if you use Hubitat, it almost doesn't work, or is at least extremely buggy and limited in functionality.