Moving to the UK

There is a good chance that I will be moving to England at the end of the Summer this year.

I have a lot invested in my current US smart home. With the exception of a Nest thermostat, a SwitchBot hub and a few Wyze cameras it’s all Zwave, Zigbee and Lutron. Every light or fan switch, motion sensors, contact sensors, etc.

My question is can I bring anything or am I going to have to start over?

Given the different electrical standards, and ZWave frequency most of what you have probably won’t be compatible. If the hub is a C7 it could make the transition (switchable ZWave frequency), and the zigbee could work depending on the device.

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You can bring over anything that is both zigbee and battery powered. Line-powered devices will not work independent of protocol. And it would be illegal to use North American frequency z-wave devices, even if they were battery powered.

Thanks for the replies.

Like many from the UK, look forward to seeing you downunder sometime soon.... :slight_smile: