Moving on From Wink 2 to Smaller and Better Hubitat


What's the range of the Aeotec Range Extender 6? Thanks!


My recommendations if you are using them to keep locks communication from dropping off I would say a you need one aeotec very close to the hub (most important) then an aeotec by each lock you have and if the distance between the hub and lock is over say 30 feet I would recommend one in between for each 30 feet (you can try without this and may be fine, but if still intermittent drop offs occur I would add this).

As far as using for non-locks devices I have a contact sensor outside about 125 feet from one of my extenders and the contact sensor works without issue, so at least that far.


Dumb question, and I can't seem to find this answer through google. My living room light can be controlled at 5 locations. Can I just install 1 smart switch to make the roomful of LEDs smart or do I need to installed 5 smart switches? Thanks!


I used the Lutron Caseta and Picos to do this. It was the easiest way that I could find. Warning: this will download a PDF

The Zooz switches also apparently can be wired as a 3-way or 4-way.


This is totally dependent on which "smart switch" you use....some require a semi-smart switch on the other devices, some only one and the others can be dumb switches, and brands like lutron you can do one, and replace the others with cheap pico remotes...


Thank you! Excellent advice.


I've had a Wink 2 for a year, and we just got our new Hubitat Elevation yesterday. I completely agree on the app control for lights - the Wink app is just nicer. But we rarely used the Wink app anyway except to add new devices. We primarily have robots for light control and also Google Home for voice control. So, last night we were able to add 4 light bulbs to Hubitat, and we were able to link the Hubitat in the Google home app. The light bulbs then show up in the Google Home app, and we were able to add the lights to 'rooms' just like you can do in the Wink app. The 0-100% for the light bulb in the Google Home app has a very similar look to the Wink app. We don't have color lights, but they might also have a similar look in the Google Home app. Just fyi.