Moving in - Need a Lock

I've been using ST for a number of years and have been eyeing Hubitat for a while. Locks are teh critical piece for me which did work really well using RBoy but that's been broken for a while now.
Also, I like the idea of running local vs in the cloud.
My locks are Schlage Z-Wave which from reading things here will not work.
My plan is to buy the C8 and a lock or two and then start moving things over.
Which locks will work reliably if I'm buying new?
I want lock code management and notifications etc. Remote access.
Schlage support has been very good but seems that they are not well supported here.
From what I see, Yale seems to be a good choice?
Z-Wave-Plus, Zigbee or WiFi?
I currently have a mix of Zigbee and Z-Wave devices. Locks and lights mostly.


If you like Shlage, just buy their zigbee lock. Works great on Hubitat. I have used one for years on HE, works great and batteries last over a year.


I just ordered the C8.
Getting ready to order the Schlage Zigbee BE468 CEN 619.
Is there a reason to consider other locks or protocols?


Nope. The Schlage Zigbee lock works perfectly with Hubitat. I have one and it has been flawless.


As long as your schlage has 7,10 or over firmware it will be fine to connect. The issue are older firmware versions and even older locks (like the fe599 which won't pair on anything over a 500 series chip due to their firmware). Pair the locks within 3 feet of the hub (the locks need this because of the whisper mode for the encryption)

The code is 4.03, so no go.
I already have the C8 up and running with a new Schlage BE468 Zigbee. Also swapped over a couple z-Wave light switches ... pretty finicky on the exclusion process but got it sorted.
Really happy so far with the C8. Still learning the ins and outs but no issues.