Moving from WebCore to Rule Machine help with 2 rules

Totally new to Hubitat, and I was never terribly good with WebCore. Bar 1 Iris repeater I've gotten all my devices set up, and most of my rules recreated (still a bit unsure on some pico remote setup, or optimal mode/lighting automations, but I can probably figure those out). I do however have two rules that are quite important to be working right for WAF and not flooding my downstairs neighbors, and I'm lost on one and not sure I've gotten the other right. I've included both their WebCore versions and my attempt at recreating one in Rule Machine.

The goals are to automate both 1 what happens when my shower turns on/off, and 2, to ensure that it never stays on for over 30m with no motion, or an hour with motion detected.

I've tried to create a rule for the former, though I'm not positive it lines up with the WebCore rule I had had, and the latter I got lost at the very first step.

I'd really appreciate any help, thanks!

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The first problem that you have, your trigger is for the valve being open. That means that anything to do with the valve being closed will never execute. Your trigger needs to be changed to CHANGED.

Also, your conditional actions are structured incorrectly. You want to have something like this:

TRIGGER:  Value Changed


If Valve is open:
     Cancel Delayed Actions
     Fade your lights up
     If temp is X turn on heater (use the simplied conditional action for this, not the regular conditional action)
     Delay actions by 30 minutes (cancelable)
     Close Value
     Cancel Delay actions
     Delay actions by 3 minutes (cancelable)
     Set lights the way you want.  (a little advice, take out all the waits and just set the lights, you'll make youself a lot happier.  Playing with all those waits and cancels is going to a nightmare.)

A little advice, since you are canceling your delayed actions in both if and else, do not use any delayed actions but instead use separate actions of delay. Delayed actions get scheduled at the top of the rule. So, it's possible that a subsequent cancel will cancel the delay you just scheduled.

I'm a keep it simple person and break this into multiple rules.

  1. Shower valve and exhaust control
  2. Heater control

1a.Shower valve 60 min

	shower valve changed
	If shower valve on
		Turn off shower delayed 60 min cancelable.
		Exhaust on
		Light on
		Cancel delayed actions
		Exhaust off
		Light off
		Heater off
	End if

1b. Shower valve 30.

	Valve changed
	Motion changed
	If valve off
		Cancel delayed action
		Exit rule
	End if
	If motion active
		Cancel delayed action
		Valve off delayed 30 cancelable
	End if
  1. Heater control:

    Trigger: valve changed
    Temp changed
    If valve closed exit rule
    If temp<67 then
    Heater on
    Heater off
    End if