Moving Automations from RM to Simple Automation

I am in the process of cleaning up my automations. I haven't used Groups and Scenes since I first got my hub (2 years ago) and I have recently revisited it. I now use it to make many of my automations run quicker, especially ones that require many lights to turn on or off at once.

I then decided to look at moving some rules from RM to simple lighting and could not find the simple lighting app to install. Realized it is now called Simple Automation. Was able to move a few rules from RM to Simple Automation and they seem to run a little quicker. I could move several more of my automations from RM to Simple Automation or possibly Motion Lighting if I could figure out how to do one thing. The Rules I cant seem to move out of RM look like this:

Back door opens = Turn Back Outdoor light on (if time between sunset and sunrise), then turn light off after 5 minutes.

I can set-up simple automation to do everything except for turning the light off after 5 minutes. Is this an automation that needs to stay in RM or is there a way to move it to Simple Automation or Motion Lighting. Am I missing something simple?

Thanks for any help.

I know they can usually turn off on Close or other event

you would have to set turn off when close. Is that a deal breaker?

Makes no sense to turn off the outside light on door close. I don't want to change the automation, just want to know if there is a way to move it out of RM. Seems like a fairly simple automation, but maybe a delay requires RM.

This would turn the light on 5 min after the door is closed, if that makes more sense.

Most of simple automation and motion lighting is based on one action on the opposite action off. With a delay to turn off.

I recently went though and moved everything I could to the smallest app that would handle it. It did make me rethink a lot of the automations and make many of them more effective.

I do have one thing that is a simple timer “if this turns on turn it off after an hour” and that could only be done on RM

Thank-you. I should have read your first post closer and seen the delay option that appears. It is not exactly the same as what I can make it RM. But at least I know how to do it now. Thanks.

You can also use a switch that is defined as a virtual switch timer (user defined device handler), and set it to 5 minutes. Use it as part of the requirements in simple automation.