Moving and want to wipe hub

Moving and need to reset hub back to factory. What's the best way to do this? May take some 9f my devices

Depends on what you want. Do you really want to blow away all of your setup and do it again at your new place? If so, reset the Zigbee and Z-Wave radios from the Settings > Zigbee Details and Z-Wave Details pages, then soft reset the hub from the Diagnostic Tool on the same page. You'll also need to reset or exclude/remove all your paired devices in order to pair them again to your almost "new" hub, which you can do before this or worry about it when you want to re-pair everything in the new location. Some people may also prefer to just keep things paired and then remove, rename, etc. things at the new location, but that's up to you!

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Thanks. I will be taking some devices mostly motion sensors and light bulbs. I have a lot of in wall plugs and switches I will not we taking.

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Yeah, exclude those devices first. You don't even need to do a reset really if you're going to be using a lot of the same rules. Simply create virtual switches as place holders (and use device swap) so you don't have to rebuild everything from scratch.

Ok move is complete. Really a few weeks now. Hub plugged into new network. No issues there. I'm not having good luck with new or previous devices. Think I'll just start all over. Don't think this will big a big project since I went from a 3500 sf home to a 1200 sf. Oh and no kids now lol

So it was recommended that I try to exclude as many devices as possible. Now to reset zwave and Zigbee. Will this remove any of my current rules?

Maybe I should just start all over. NP with this option. How do I just clear everything in Hubitat and start with a fresh hub?

If you want to keep the existing rules, simply reset the zigbee and z-wave radios. If you don't, reset the radios then do a soft reset by going to yourhubip:8081. After it's back up update to the latest platform and z-wave firmware if you haven't already.