Moved from ST to HE no regrets yet


I have used Smartthings for 2 years now, It was good and mostly stable. When Hubitat came came out I was thinking Smartthings may step up their game and maybe add some things like simple backup restore functionality but I got tired waiting.

My only regret of switching over is I set up 6 or 7 dashboards yesterday, and then late last night Dashboard 2.0 came out :smile: Good Job on that Hubitat Team! It looks beautiful.

I thought I would miss having an app, But I have set up dashboards the way I like and it is sufficient.

Currently using life360 for presence, hoping Hubitat comes out with native presence in the near future.

tldr: Switch to Hubitat, Happy Customer!


Welcome Aboard! I came over from ST late 2018 and have been Loving HE! You'll dig the gang here, everyone is BIGTIME helpful. Never assume something can't be accomplished...try asking first!


Welcome to Hubitat!

We aim to constantly frustrate you with improvements to our apps and platform! Hopefully that's preferable to the alternative snail's pace approach.

We like using a web interface on a desktop, laptop or tablet to administer the system and think that's better than administering the system using a mobile app. But, you can use your phone to do it also, as many do.


Welcome to the Hubitat Community @hodgesmt

Couldn't agree more. One of the most frustrating things I found about SmartThings was their absolutely terrible mobile app. It seemed to me (and frankly in my opinion it is) so ridiculous to split the IDE from the rest of the admin. Being forced to setup my smart home devices with mobile is what I have disliked the most about consumer IoT before I bought my HE. Hubitat's approach is such a refreshing deviation from the norm. I have not regretted a day I've owned it.

Now if we can just convince everyone else to stop comparing HE only to what they know, and finding faults in its differences, instead of finding opportunity in its strengths.


You'll also be terribly disappointed to find out that the staff here actively participates in this user to user forum. Maybe it's because we all use Hubitat to run our houses too. After all we are users of Hubitat Elevation to control all of our Home Automation devices.


When I was on SmartThings I used to do as much administration as possible through the IDE just so I could use a "real" keyboard and a "real" monitor. The smartphone app is convenient for quick things but I find it really tedious to use for system administration.


The device tiles in the ST app were excellent, and very flexible. Everything else about the app was awful in my opinion.


That is definitely a plus. Samsung seems to be very distant from their customers. Ask anyone who bought a tv thinking it was going to be integrated.


Yup, I hate seeing that Staff badge. :wink: lol

You guys are awesome and many of us interacted with you on the ST forums as well. I absolutely love the HE platform and knowing you guys use the product that you are developing makes it all that much better.


Recent Smartthings convert as well. Aside from my current 2:00 AM system crash that happens every night (Bobby from supports been helping me find a cause and has been pretty awesome) the system is miles better than anything I have tried before.

Almost every one of my devices "just worked" when being connected and reports near instantly. After converting my webcore automations to rule engine everything has been running smoothly. Just waiting on a working ecobee driver and Schlage smart lock app to be 100% GOLDEN.

One suggestion if you do not like life360 and sharing your info with them is to take a look at setting up a virtual presence device (I use the converted ST app Virtual presence plus driver). Then you can use either your router, ifttt, android phone, tasker, etc to trigger home and away using an easy web request. Ifttt and Tasker have been my go-to's for this and it's been a easy setup!


But how will I give my wife crap for driving home at 90mph? (Literally about the ONLY feature I like about life360). LOL