Moved from C7 to C8. Preparing old C7 hub for someone else

I know I could use the C7 as an auxiliary hub using hub mesh, but I am not interested in using mutliple hubs. I like to keep my setup simple as possible.

What's the best way to prepare the old hub for resale or giving to a friend now that I have migrated to C8? I assume some kind of factory reset is in order, but are there other things I should consider? When I boot it back up will it interfere with my Zwave/Zigbee network that is now connected to my C8? Should I get it removed from my Hubitat cloud account, etc?

Thanks for your time.


Perform all the steps here, including the ones mentioned for the equivalent of a "full reset":

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Yes it will interfere, but a short time to get the reset done wont cause any major issues. Once you reset the radios Z-wave is in the clear, Zigbee needs to be a on a separate channel if the hub is going to remain powered up.

Yes de-resister it per the instructions Bert posted.

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