Move HE to a new Lan

I have added a new and separate LAN for IOT operating on a separate router. Is there an easy way to move the HE and Hue hub to the new lan from the existing lan or will it take uninstall and reinstall. I didn't find anything on point. Other questions were about migrating from ST or other hubs.
Thanks, Mike

I imagine you have a DHCP router on the IOT LAN, if so you just move them physically then find their new IPs and put in DHCP reservations for them so they don't change and use the new Hubitat IP to access the hub from now on. I don't have a hue hub but would guess you connect to it via IP so you'd have to update that connection setting on the Hubitat hub with the new Hue IP address.

You can't do that. The hue app finds your Hue Hubs through autodiscovery. You can't manually change the IP address.