Move a RM rule to Simple Automation Rules

Anybody want to take a shot at providing a screenshot on how this RM rule could be created in Simple Automation Rules. (The logic in RM is so easy to enter, but all the drop down boxes in Simple Automation Rules has me unsure).

i had similar rules in SA for a light, but that lead to other issues. you can do it with something like:

the issue arises though for if you trigger the device within the cooldown period (30 minutes in this case).

for example, you go to your basement and turn on the fan. SA triggers, and it'll turn it off 30 minutes later. let's say you turn it off normally after 5 minutes, then 20 minutes later go back down and turn it on again. so far only 25 minutes have passed since the initial turning on, so the fan will turn off on you 5 minutes into the second time of it being on (then another off command will be sent 25 minutes after that).

i've converted my SA to RM just for the cancellable functionality to make sure i don't overlap with triggers, i would suggest just leaving it as is (and by having the delay, it doesn't add any crazy load to the hub, so you'll be fine)