Mounting the C-7 Hub

My C-4 died, so I took advantage of the "upgrade to C-7" offer for subscribers to the extended warranty.

By the C-7 is missing a little something - there are no keyholes on the back of the case for mounting.

Looks like I must resort to Command-Strip velcro, or a ziptie something-something.

I use this one… :wink:

Sadly, the package did not include a 3-D printer, just a C-7, and a power supply. Not even a cable included.

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Others have posted about this in the past, so a couple searches will probably find it. But I have seen posts where people have indeed used Command Strip like you mention, and Velcro (both successful). Or using 3D printed mounts such as the one @Carl mentioned or the ones I have created... Many options out there.

Here are a couple I found:

I went the 3M velco route on one of my hubs, I mounted it to the back of my entertainment center in my living room. It seems to be holding it fine.


Look below the cardboard.

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There was no cardboard, no box, just a USPS small flat-rate box with a bubble-wrap bag inside, containing the two items. No problem, I have usb cables left over from the pre-USB-c days, but I found it funny.

Then you must not have bought it from Hubitat. Sounds like you got a used one.

No it was an upgrade replacement, direct from Hubitat, as my C4 died after just over a year in service. It may very well be used, I don't know... perhaps an open-box return, perhaps a "refurbished" unit.

I use 3m Command picture hanging strips,. Actually in my latest attempt to clean up my installation and cool my hubs a bit I have the hubs mounted with the strips to a laptop stand with 2 fans built in, and that mounted to the wall with the strips as well.

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