Motorized blinds for $150 (link) is Hubitat possible?

I’m guessing because it’s bt, Hubitat isn’t possible directly? Correct? The best way would be to follow his homebridge instructions to bring it into h.a then h.a to h.e add on? Thank you

My end goal is just pico controll

Hubitat doesn’t have a Bluetooth radio, so you’d need something in between, yes.

Short answer is, yes, bluetooth is not a Hubitat interface. That said, if you follow his instructions and get a raspberry pi connected to them, then a connection between Hubitat and Node Red (that could also run on the pi) and then Node Red to the command line would be quite straightforward.

Of course I write this as a big user of Node Red. It is great, but because it can do almost anything it can be a very deep rabbit hole as you can always find one more thing it can do.

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I found this article interesting... Zigbee and Bluetooth in the same SoC chip.... I wonder about the possibilities.

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