MotionEye video not displaying

Just setup Motion and MotionEye to grab the RTSP video from my Unifi Video camera and convert it to a usable format. I can see the video using the Motion URL when I add it to a browser. When I add it into a Video Player tile all I get is a grey blank tile. The video never displays. I've tried this in a couple of different browsers. Not much to configure here, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I've tried the other URLs that MotionEye provides and it's all the same result. Just a blank grey tile. All of the URLs work in the same browser outside of the dashboard.

Kept poking and I figured it out. The template needs to be Image and then the URL is the snapshot version with a 1 second refresh.


Thanks for this. This is also the solution for Synology diskstation (and Synology Surveillance Station).

I run a Hikvision NVR, and am able to use the Synology to change the feed to mjpeg, and then get it to the dashboard.

this is what i need to do do you have more details?

Use an image tile in the dashboard and put your local live camera url into the background url for the tile. The video feed should then fill the tile.

i got that to work for loca dash board but cloud dashboard it didn't work ( i guess the hub does not transmit the image over the net)

local dash works, cloud dash doesnt.

VPN does work though.

if the video feed is the the cloud does it work?

It does, but I use Node Red dashboard. YMMV.

The hub does not transmit any video over any network (local network or internet). When you see your video stream on your local dashboard the video is being sent over the local network by a camera, a NVR, or software like Blue Iris. All you do is tell the HE dashboard where to look.

A local dashboard can include a local url and/or a cloud url
A cloud dashboard will only work with a cloud url

Yeah I was hoping it would be the other way around, since my internet make it impossible to port forward anything. Good to know cloud to cloud will work