Motion turn off delay weirdness

I've got one that's stumped me. I have two motion lighting rules. Both use the same motion sensor, both trigger the same light.

The differences are:

  1. 8am-12am, brightness 100%, delay off for 15 minutes
  2. 12am-8am, brightness 10%, delay off for 2 minutes

What's happening is that no matter the time of day, it always turns off after 2 minutes of no motion. The rule for #1 shows a scheduled turn off for 15 minutes, but it still turns off after 2 minutes for some reason. If I delete rule #2, then the 15 minute delay in #1 works fine. Add rule #2 back, and we're back to a 2 minute shutoff even during the time window for rule #1.

What gives? Is this expected behavior? Is it something I've done?

The off actions are not dependent on the on action having been run.
You would need to use the option "Don't turn off between two times" as well or have one rule and look at using modes instead.

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Thanks, I decided to go ahead and start using modes (always avoided it) and created one rule. It's working as desired now.

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