Motion, Time, Scenes - round 2

I was going to piggy back this conversation around another post I made about motion lighting but thought this may be easier to just start a new thread.

So Various family members may get up throughout the night and work their way through the Living room (it is centrally located to all bedrooms).

I would like to setup a Rule (in Rule Manager) that says the following:

If the scene "NIGHT" is activated
And motion is set to active
Change scene to EVENING
For 10 minutes then go back to NIGHT

So that above is the first question - then what I don't understand is lets say someone gets up at 4AM and is going to stay up but wants the lights to stay on so they activate "Morning" scene manually (through an app) .. I want the lights to just stay on regardless of activity from the motion sensor. Basically override.

Thanks and hope this helps someone else.

I've been playing around with Mode Manager lately for 'one-off' scenarios. Maybe create a new Mode and then experiment with manipulating rules around it for the "Early Bird".

Give this a shot Paul. I think it will work the way you want. You'll need to create a virtual switch like to one I've created here called "Mode to Evening" that is matched to a RM trigger which does nothing but set the mode to Evening when the switch is activated, so make the switch turn off after 1 second.

For manual override, make another RM trigger with another virtual switch, a button or both (your choice obviously), which does nothing but set the mode to Morning and cancels the main rule (named "Paul" in this example) when the mode is when the mode is any mode except night.

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@SmartHomePrimer Thank you - I will play around with this ...

But if you have these Virtual Switches that are changing modes from Evening to Morning. Will that be setting the mode so other mode rules would fire as well?

ie "Evening mode" turns all the lights on

So if its early morning and someone triggers off the virtual switch to 'change' the mode to Evening that may have undesired results across the house?

Yes, it will do what your mode does. Sorry. but I can only give an example based on my interpretation of what you asked. If your intent is to just override certain lights and not actually do all this things that a particular mode does, then you should not change modes, but instead just modify the light behavior temporarily. If you're in a mode, and change lighting, I don't believe the current mode is going to change those lights again. I'm fairly certain that should only occur when the mode change occurs again.

You can modify that action to turn on what you need turned on of course. Very difficult to account for every possible scenario that could occur. Some family training is required for how you create your system to operate. You may want to make sure you have your plan created and thoroughly tested before giving instruction that you have to later ask them to unlearn and then learn a new method. Believe me, this advice comes from the school of hard knocks.