Motion Sensors with HSM

Question: Has anyone experienced the following?
Using HSM armed Away:

  • Monitoring Contacts and Motion sensors

  • An monitored entry delayed contact (door) opens, but due to circumstance or poor placement, a motion sensor triggers the alarm prior to the contact registering in HE/HSM as open.

  • Never experienced this issue
  • Experienced the issue with Smarthings and HSM
  • Experienced the Issue only with Smartthings
  • Experienced the issue only with HSM
  • Other (Please explain)

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In Smarthings using SmartApp SHM Delay this condition was reported by a number of users. In most cases it was due to poor motion sensor placement, or cloud delays. However in some situations it was the contact taking a bit of time before registering as open in the software. Meanwhile the system is armedAway, entry delay not initiated, and motion of the door triggers a motion sensor, causing an intrusion.

I've never had this happen in HSM, but my house is only 1200 sq feet and box shaped. So, my sensors are fairly close to my hub or a strong repeater.

With that said, I HAVE noticed that if my contact sensor batteries are below 50%, my motion sensors will trip before the contact sensor does. It doesn't cause any issues (I have different HSM rules for motion versus contacts), but it might explain the symptom?

99% of the time I disarm before I even open the front door. Now through an Arrival Sensor. So, it never happens but I don't have any chance for it to happen. Might want to add a voting option for that just to keep the data cleaner.