Motion Sensor To Trigger Aeotec Siren 6 Speaker

Trying to figure out how to trigger the Aeotec Siren 6 speaker from a motion detector. I used the motion lighting App to turn on a light from the motion sensor but I can't figure out what App to use or how to trigger the speaker from the same motion sensor. Any help appreciated.

Are you trying to trigger the siren or the beep(tone) noise?

The chime noise or any noise. Am using the Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Pir Motion Detector

Now, this will only happen when the motion sensor changes to active. So, if it stays active for a long period of time, it will not re-trigger.

You'll want to use Rule Machine. Your rule will look like this:

Trigger:  Motion sensor changes to Active

Action:  Beep Siren.

Now, you'll find "Beep" in Rule Machine by looking under Control Music Player, Volume, Sounds and then selecting "Sound tone" and then the siren.

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OK....thanks....this will be my first shot at using the rule machine...I am a real

Then I would watch some of the tutorials on the Hubitat Youtube channel first. They are very helpful. Good luck!!

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Works great ....TY :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Hey I admit I didn't think to look on YouTube so there are probably better ways than what I came up with but here goes.

My Device:

Change volume:

You probably use the Siren device instead.

You can choose which of the 30 some odd tones.

You can choose just siren, or strobe, or both. Also turn off siren.

I assume you will be able attach these actions to you motion sensor.

I don't think that the OP wants the siren to go off. They wanted the Chime function. And they said that the rule worked.

I just bought a EufyCam 2. I'd like to set off some Aeotec (Siren 6) chimes when motion is detected.

The EufyCam 2 has 2 cameras and its HomeBase 2. It only supports Apple HomeKit. In the Home app so far I have

  • HomeKit Hub: iPad
  • Bridges:
    • Eufy HomeBase 2 with two accessories listed as motion sensors
    • HOOBS // temporarily running on my Mac
  • The two cameras

I think I need to connect HomeKit to HOOBS to Hubitat Elevation to the Aeotec chime. I have not yet purchased anything related to a HOOBS/Hubitat/Aeotec solution yet as I want to be sure I would be successful before making the investment.

My hope is that I can connect the triggering of the motion sensor to the chime via the HOOBS bridge and a Hubitat plugin. I do suspect that the chime accessory can successfully be triggered, but I don't know if the siren's chime selection and volume control capabilities will reflect back through the HOOBS bridge into HomeKit so they can be configured. Is this possible? Are any other issues I will need to solve?