Motion Sensor Settings?

I am trying to understand how to best implement my new motion sensors (Aeotec TriSensor). I would like to maximize battery life while making them work the way I want.

The devices have settings for "Motion Retrigger" and "Motion Clear". The Motion & Mode Lighting App has a setting to "Delay Off for n Minutes".

Will the Motion & Mode Lighting App keep the light on for the devices Motion Clear time (eliminating the need for the app Delay Off time)? Or does the Motion Clear only affect what the dashboard icon is displaying?

Are there any general suggestions for how to set the Motion Retrigger, Motion Clear, and Delay Off parameters? That is, if Delay Off is 5 minutes, then should Motion Clear be 50% of the Delay Off time, and should Motion Retrigger time be 50% of the Motion Clear time?

Adding to my confusion is how these motion sensors may be activated. That is, I walk into a closet and activate the motion sensor (expecting the light to stay on for 5 minutes or until no more motion). 2 minutes later I walk out of the closet and manually turn off the light. 2 minutes later I walk back into the closet and want the motion sensor to activate the light, again, and keep it on for at least 5 minutes, or forever if I keep moving in the closet. I really want manually turning off the light to "reset" the Motion Trigger and the Delay Off timer. I seem to able to get it to work if I set the Motion Trigger and Motion Clear to very short times (like 5 seconds each) but I am thinking that will eat the battery.

Can you help explain any erroneous statements I have made, or suggest how to properly use these motion sensors?

Did you work out the above?