Motion sensor recommendation

Well I got my hub yesterday arrived safely in the UK eventually.

Added all my Sonos kit into it perfect works fine, added my hue bridge and all 50+ bulbs got added so far so good.

Tried to add in the xiaomi smart human motion sensors and Hubitat just sits on initialising and nothing happens, which is a bit of a let down.

Getting them working under smartthings before was a pain so does anyone in Europe have any recommendations that could be used instead? would need around 10 of them in total.

Have you installed the custom drivers for the devices?

I have indeed installed the drivers that veeceeoh has up on github for the original sensor and for the door and window sensor.

Tried three different sensors so far all are showing the same problem maybe it is a driver problem, might just clean them out, redo it and the rediscover them again and restart the hub.

I have no issues with them.
Have you reset them first?
Hold the reset button in until the LED flashes 3 times quickly (around 10 seconds) and let go of the reset button.
Then try pairing them again. Best to do this next to the hub.
Good luck.

I have indeed reset them, and it is right beside the HE hub.
After the reset it does detect it within 5second or so but it just sits on

That's pretty much why I'm looking around for another sensor type.

You could try opening 2 hub windows.
In the first one go to
Settings -> Zigbee Details -> Zigbee Logging.
In the other window try pairing a device.
You should see the device details in the logging window.
If no device has been defined go into Devices -> Add virtual device and then manually input the device information and save.
See if this works and the device records events OK.

Actually in my experience, the best way to complete the pairing process is after you see the LED flash 3 times quickly (and "Initializing" shows up in the Habitat Hub browser window), continue to short-press the reset button every second or so.

The reason for this is that Xiaomi devices seem to go "asleep" immediately after the initial pairing, because when paired with a Xiaomi hub, the hub has all the info it needs, while on the other hand, Hubitat Hub still needs more information to complete the pairing process. Continuing to short-press the reset button will prompt the sensor to remain active.

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Thank you both for getting back to me and for helping out with this and thank you for all the hard work on the drivers Veeceeoh well done!

I managed to get the device added this morning what I did last night was pulled the zigbee details from ST, created the new device as the instructions bobbles provided.

Then tried to pair it again using the details from veeceeoh and it said device already registered and it updated the details for it :slight_smile:

Hopefully now that one is registered and working the rest pair easier.
In good shape so far now its time to get my head around Rule Machine as I only ever used CORE on ST via the app.

thanks again veeceeoh and bobbles appreciate the help and assistance

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