Motion Sensor Lighting override

Hey everyone,

I’m new to Hubitat (and loving it). I programmed 3 motion sensors so that if any are active and it is evening then bathroom and hallway lights turn on at 20% dim and stay on until there is no motion for all the motion sensors. It works well, until…,

My wife raised the dimming level using the physical switch (Lutron Caseta) so she could give my son a bath and the lights kept dimming on her.

Any thoughts? I was thinking of a conditional (if lights already on and there is any motion, only cancel delayed turn off). Any other ideas?

Along your current line of thinking, I would probably use a conditional statement IF light is off THEN dim to 20%. The rule won't change it back to 20% if someone changes it.

Right on -- I would've missed that.

Or just stop bathing the children :slight_smile:


The built in app motion lighting has options for this I"m pretty sure. It would be worth a look for a number of other benefits.

I use virtual switches. For example the den/entryway has a motion sensor because the switch isn't near the door.

But sometimes guest sleep in that room.

I have a virtual switched called "Den Override". Using the simple rules you can negate motion turning lights on if a certain switch is on. I also have a rule that turns the over ride back off the next day after sun rise.

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