Motion Sensor Inactivity Length

I actually want to close the garage if open for 20 mins AND no motion. Here is what I built, look good?

Why do you need the repeat? If the door is closed, it's closed. There's no need for the repeat.

Valid point!

New and improved:

I would change your OR to an only want to close it when both motion sensors are inactive and the garage door is open...the way you have it structured it would not wor k that way. Only one would have to be inactive. And you want to remove the stop repeating actions from the else. That will post an error when the rule runs.

@Ryan780 - I see your points. 3rd times a charm?

Sorry...but I missed looking at your triggers. Your rule needs to be trigger on the motion sensors changing and the doors changing. That way it will cancel if both are inactive and the doors are closed.

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:+1: Looks good to me. Does it work?

Also, do you have two devices called "Pixel 3XL"? You might want to change the label on one of them so you can tell them apart more easily when you build rules and such.

You are the Man Ryan, changed it and it works like a champ. So easy to see how it works and that this is the best option.


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@Ryan780 - I don't have 2 devices named Pixel 3 XL - for some reason it keeps adding my phone over and over. I suspect it has to do with the fact that almost every time I load up the app it has me signed out. Very frustrating to say the least as I have to change all the notifications to the correct one every time it happens - so I just started selecting them all.

Big thanks for the working rule. I finally had the chance to fully test it this weekend and it worked flawlessly! You rock.