Motion lights are not canceling delay

So I got this rule that turns on a light, when motion detected and cancels any delayed actions. And if no activity is detected will turn off the light with a 5 minute delay.

Recently I've noticed that while working in the laundry room, the light will still shut off, even though I'm moving around. After a minute (the timeout/cooldown of the motion sensor) the light will turn back on. Cycle repeats. Cannot figure it out. Attached a SS of my rules:

You'll need to share the entire rule, including triggers (and required expression, if any), to get the best help.

Another thing that can help is enabling all logging for the rule and looking at the entries it generates (under "Logs"), a helpful step for any app that isn't working as you expect (see: How to Troubleshoot Apps or Devices | Hubitat Documentation).

This thread will be interesting to be because I don't know how to use 'cancelable', or 'cancel delayed actions' in RM. :slight_smile:

I'm using Simple Automation in my laundry room, and the motion sensor is set to a 10 second time out, and 5 minute shutoff with no movement.

edit: Yeah, as far as triggers go, I'd expect a 'changed' would be good for the motion detector?

Trigger is just Laundry Room motion sensor motion changed.

I would expect this triggers whenever it changes from inactive to active, or active to inactive

The logs will show the issue otherwise it's gonna be a little like this...

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How about trying deleting the cancel delayed actions, as an experiment? Maybe cancelable as well?

Yes, as I mentioned above, this is also a good step. If you are not sure how to enable logging or where to find logs, please see: How to Troubleshoot Apps or Devices | Hubitat Documentation

Either of those would make the problem worse. :slight_smile:

I clicked on the Convert Simple Auto on a Rule creation page for a simple motion rule I have that turns on a lamp in the living room for a minute, with motion. This is what it came up with. Looks simpler:

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