Motion Lights App Log Errors

I notice in the log I keep getting this error with the motion lights app:

[error] java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toInteger() on null object on line 1265 (btnHandler)


I don't have any scenes installed

Can you show us an example of the app?

I'm a little confused by the lux value in your app. You get a lux value of less than 2? This sensor must not be reporting in Lumen then, is it?

Also, you have a problem with your rule. You have the LR Lamps dimmer set up as "Switch to Activate On" and you have the option "Don't turn off if already on". Those won't work together. The first option is telling the app to start, so by definition, turning the switch on starts the app. The second option of "don't turn off if already on" will never fire because turning the switch on starts the automation. This is a very common mistake I am seeing.

When the room is dark it is reporting a lux level of 0 or 1. When it's brightly lit (all windows open it can be 3000.

As for the rule, I thought "Switch to Activate On" was to define a switch that would manually activate the light, not the rule. Perhaps labeling it "Switch to activate rule/app" would be better. Also, inside the section where you actually pick that switch the label is "Switch to turn on lights." Perhaps that is why so many people make that mistake.

I'm also unclear about what " Switches to turn off lights Select the switches you wish to use override the motion rules and turn the lights on the lights manually." means.

no...the switches to trun off lights means "these switches turn the lights off, so you have to reset if you think the lights are currently on". If you don't define the switch there and you turn the light off manually, it won't retrigger the lights to go on until after the timeout is reached. Motion Lighting doesn't subscribe to the switch itself unless you tell it to.

No....that's done by the driver controlling the device. You can turn on lights without setting up motion lighting. This feature triggers the rule.

I'm also unclear about what
"Enable override with dimmer level change"
"Use physical level change for override"

If you change the lights level after they are on, either from Hubitat or from the device itself, the lights will not turn off after timeout.

only a physical change of the device's level will trigger an overrride. This is only used for smart dimmers. Bulbs do not have a Physical way of changing their level, all those changes are digital (a command from hubitat).

Finally does "Control with Alexa or Google Home using this name:" the Alexa name I use to turn the light on/off or is it to turn the rule on/off?

Are you asking what this option does or are you asking which you should do? If you want turning the light on to override them turning off by motion, then you don't need anything there. You would just control the light via Alexa normally and it would work (if you've made the other changes I said). If you want to activate the motion lighting rule, then you would specify here, how you would turn it on.

Everything works fine, but always get this error when switch turns off. This is a FYI since it doesn't seem to hurt anything.

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