Motion Lighting vs. Rule Machine

I have a few Inovelli Red series with scene control controlling 6 hue white lights in my kitchen. Before I installed the Inovelli switches I had some motion lighting controlling the lights. Simple, turn on when motion detected, turn off after two minutes. Since installing the Inovellis I am now using rule machine 4 to set the scenes (too many for me to use with only white lights) and have since paused the motion lighting setup. Can I turn the motion lighting rule back on without issue or do I need to setup some kind of conditional rules in rule machine?

I guess I'm wondering if the two rules control the same lights? If so, then I would say that it will cause you issue if they're acting on the same triggers, etc. Can you clarify what you're doing with each?


Yes, both rules control the same six hue white bulbs in the kitchen. Currently, in rule machine, I have 2 scenes assigned. Double tap up turns all bulbs to 100%, triple tap up turns all bulbs to 75% in morning, day, and evening modes and 50% in night mode. In the motion lighting app I have a rule that turns on the lights when motion is detected by either of two motion sensors then the lights will turn off if no motion detected after 2 minutes. This rule is currently paused as I'm still working on variations of the rule in rule machine.

I like the energy saving aspect of the lights turning off after 2 minutes but found it impractical in such a high traffic area during the day. Evenings/nights it's very useful. Also, as I dig a bit more into light settings per mode, I want the lights to come back on at the brightness established by the scene selected and mode. The motion detection rule returns the lights to 100%.

It sounds to me that you're invoking the rules at different times for different reasons. I think you'd be ok using them both. You'd have to watch out for them calling at the same time because you don't want to cause some type of loop. That could be creepy. :grin:


Update. I turned the motion lighting rule back on. Motion turns on the lights but the lights do not turn off after the two minutes of no motion. I suspect that it's because the inovelli switch is then taking over control of the lights as the motion role takes action on the bulbs and not the switch. When I have time, I will tinker with rule machine to set up the conditional statements or change the motion rule to take action on the switch. For now, I'm going to pause the motion rule.

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