Motion Lighting turns lamp off in wrong mode

I will look into this later today, when I can test it.

I just tried this and it works as expected. Make sure you don't also have "Modes for disabling OFF" set.

That's odd. I do have modes for disabling off set, but not for evening mode, which is the one I have it operating in.

This is my rule that works, but if I add "don't turn off if already on" it never turns off

It won't turn off in Evening mode? It's not supposed to turn off in Day, Morning or Night Mode.

That's right. I only want it to work (on or off) in Evening Mode. As it is above, it works OK, but if I select "don't turn off if already on" it doesn't turn off after being triggered even though it wasn't on previously.

You are correct, there is a bug that I can reproduce. Will find and fix it...

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Found this bug, Argh, sorry this has taken so many iterations. Pesky critter, kept hiding in plain sight. Next release will have the fix.

No problem. Glad you've found the critter and crushed it!


I have just had occasion to create another Motion Lighting App and I think the "don't switch off if already on" bug still exists. Same as above, if that box is ticked for a Generic Zwave Switch device, it stays on even though it wasn't switched on before the motion trigger.

Yes, this bug still exists. It's been fixed in the next release, coming soon.