Motion lighting turning ON lights on mode change with no motion

Using motion lighting for my office and it turns on several lights to very different dim levels for different modes. So I use the motion lighting app to push a button depending on mode vs actually turning lights on to different dim levels.

here is the button controller setup.

Here is the setup in ML

Here is the log of when I arrived home(1:45) and what happened:

Events from the motion sensor:

So you can see when I arrive home at 1:45pm the mode changes to day and the app "pushes" button 2 to turn on. However I don't walk into the room until 1:53 at which point I notice the lights are already on. Or is that expected behavior for the mode change and the ML app? I don't usually use this with buttons like this so maybe it's just me not understanding how this is supposed to work?


The mode adjusting logic only adjusts the lights if they are already on. If the app is turning on the lights at mode change when they are off, there is some breakdown in the app's understanding of the state of the lights, namely, it thinks they are on.

In your case, it can't possibly know the state of the lights you're turning on, since they aren't part of the app settings. You've divorced the logic of the app from the lights it is indirectly controlling.

My suggestion is to not use the "Adjust levels when mode changes" option, as it cannot possibly work correctly. You'd have to do this with some other app.

Thank you! I understand the logic there.

I've added a "virtual dimmer" to the ML routine. So now it turns on a virtual dimmer for the modes I want to push buttons and turns that light off. That light also gets turned off when I leave the house and ML tracks that. So it's working great so far.

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