Motion lighting stopped working after version

Updated to version on my c5 hub and my motion lighting no longer works. No other changes made. I can revert to previous version to fix but don't want to be stuck on that version forever.

I get this error when the motion is detected

The rule definition...

Any idea how to fix? The only change was the update to version

Perhaps you have encountered this known issue?

Except they fixed that in .135, and he posted about .137. So, looks like another issue.

Open Groups and Scenes parent app, and hit Done. That should fix it.

So far no luck. I reapplied the version then opened groups and scenes, hit done.

No luck. Same error and the scene did not activate.

Just for giggles I opened the scenes and hit done without any effect.

Is there anything else I can try? Any way to find out what device 625 is?

Try this.


Change yourhubipaddress to your actual hub ip address.

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Still struggling with this. I saw a new version available. Tried it. No luck. Same error.

It does appear to be related to scenes since I have one motion app that only controls 1 bulb (no scene involved) and it works great without error.

Any further advice or suggestions?

I will look into this tomorrow. In the meantime you could try removing this app and recreating it. That might fix it if the app is somehow corrupted. There was a change made to how this works a while back when it went from activating a single Scene to possibly multiple Scenes. So if that somehow broke yours, redoing it might get beyond that issue.

Hey Bruce. I took your advice and the problem is resolved. Somewhere along the way things must have gotten corrupted. Thanks for your help.

One feature that may help in the future is to somehow retain the child apps so they don't need to be recreated. Maybe offer to back them up when the parent app is removed then restore. I only had a few to recreate so not a huge deal though

Funny story... I've had this set up for long enough I forget what switch controls what in my home. This lead me to do the hubitat dance in front of my motion detectors every time I didn't see the lights respond to me entering the room. Not a pretty sight waving my arms and pacing back and forth.

Thanks again.

Logging is your friend....


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