Motion Lighting - Set different levels during different times of day

Pretty sure I know the answer, but just double checking.

I have a motion lighting rule for my kids bathroom. Is there a way to very the level the dimmer is set to based on the time of day while using a single rule?

Or am I better off (have to?) set up different rules for the different times of day (or Mode, which I haven't started using yet)?

For instance, between 4pm and 7pm, I want the light to turn on 100%. From 7-9pm I want it to turn on at 50%, and after 9pm to turn on at 10%.

Is that just 3 separate motion lighting rules?

If you set up modes for your three time frames, you can create a Motion Lighting rule that sets the dimmer level per mode. There's a "use per mode settings" switch.

Or you can set it up in Rule Machine without needing modes.

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As @jabecker says above, you could have modes that represent those timeframes. However, if these timeframes are specific to that one room, a Rule 4.0 rule would make more sense. Like this:

Trigger Event:  Motion *changed*
   IF (motion active) THEN
      IF (time between 4pm and 7pm) Dim: 100%
      IF (time between 7pm and 9pm) Dim: 50%
      IF (time between 9pm and sunrise) Dim: 10%
      Cancel Delay
      Off: lights Delay 3:00 Cancel

That would keep the lights on as long as there is motion, then turn them off after 3 minutes of no motion. Adjustable, of course to fit your needs.

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Thanks @bravenel & @Eric.C.Miller

Too bad I can't mark both as "solutions."

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