Motion Lighting Request - Option for Seconds on Off Delay


Not sure I'm posting on right area or not, on the Off Delay and Off Delay Per Mode in Motion Lighting (Screenshots below):



Are you able to add an option for seconds instead of minutes for these 2 options? I know this can be done in RM but Motion Lighting is so much simpler to use for a basic task of motion light compared to RM and would love to at times have the delay off be in seconds instead of minutes.

Examples for me would be in middle of night for some rooms or some of my rooms like my Laundry Room where I would rather have the lights turn off sooner.

Maybe a toggle where it shows "Use Delay per Mode?" on the top could have one that says in seconds there if I have to make a suggestion on where it could go.


Have you tried zero minutes? That turns the lights off when the motion sensor goes inactive. That will be 15 to 60 seconds after motion actually stops, depending on the sensor.

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Thanks, wasn't aware you can set it at 0 minutes. It does seem to work just as you said with no delay at all after the motion sensor(s) goes to Inactive status.

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