Motion Lighting Question

So as of right now if somebody takes a shower they hold down the pico on remote to turn on a virtual switch. Then motion lighting won’t turn on until thst virtual switch is turned off.

I find this just complicates stuff fir the family.

Is there a built in way if they physically turn on the light to not turn off? So even if motion detects then and they hit the button it will override ?

I assume you're using the Motion Lighting app. I'm that case, it sounds like the "Buttons to disable off" option will do what you want, assuming you have a switch or Pico or something you would press to turn the lights on in the first place that generates a button event. You'd also want something to re-enable off, perhaps the opposite button on the same device. (I'm thinking top vs. bottom button on the same device you'd use to turn on.)

But I'm not really sure what your existing setup is. Maybe you don't have such a device. Personally, my preference in a situation like this would just be to add another motion sensor to the room so I don't have to worry about this at all in most cases.

If the lights are already on because of motion, then doing anything with the switch probably won't help in this situation. You say the family has trouble detecting motion in the shower....have you thought of adding a second motion sensor that would pick up that motion? PIR motion usually has trouble with glass doors or shower curtains. But if the sensor you have was placed high enough, it could see over such an obstacle. Another option would be a Humidity sensor. Something that would detect when the shower is on to be able to not turn off the motion lights. Also, if your bathroom has a separate switch for the exhaust fan, you could put that fan on a smartswitch and not turn off the lights by motion when that fan is on.

The point is, there are a lot of alternatives. Just gotta think out of the box.