Motion Lighting "or" Simple Lighting, but not both?

I thought I read somewhere that a light can't be used by both Motion Lighting and Simple Lighting at the same time, but can't seem to find it.

Did I dream that? Or can you not include a light in both apps?

You must have. :slight_smile: You can use a single device (or several) in as many apps/automations as you want.

The only thing to be careful of is when one app does something that "conflicts" with another. For example, Simple Lighting can't keep a light on if Motion Lighting turns that same light off first. (If both automations are motion-based, Motion Lighting can do everything Simple Lighting can plus a lot more, so you can probably consolidate both automations there if you are looking to do so for any reason--I personally like to have as few apps as possible subscribing to the same device events to keep everything as snappy as possible, at least if it involves lighting.)

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Gotta be it. Or my motion detectors just suck. But I think i have the motion lighting turning on before the simple lighting schedule ends. Need to check that, but its probably the issue.

Why am I dreaming about Hubitat?