Motion Lighting > options to disable turning on lights > multiple switches


I noticed in the motion lighting > options to disable turning on lights, you can only select a single switch; could we please have the ability to select more than 1 switch (with the option of OR or AND options?)

The scenario I have is:
I have 2 x smart switches that measure power consumptions of a TV and bathroom light.
If either of them are ON (power meter more than a certain level), to not turn on the motion lighting.

As there is no 'power meter' option on the motion lighting, what I have done is created 2 x virtual switches and using Rule Machine, changed the virtual switches on/off dependent to the smart switch power meter measures.

Thank you

I agree with this. It's odd to me that one can use multiple buttons to disable, but not switches.

My workaround is to use RM to set Boolean variables based on switch status, since Motion Lighting allows for multiple Booleans. But it would be easier if it just had an option for multiple switches.

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