Motion Lighting Option to Behave More Like Non-Triggered Rule

Hello, everyone. This is a feature request unless somebody can show me something I did wrong. I have a Motion Lighting child app setup like this:

The issue is that if this app is already true aka it has already turned on the light and motion is keeping it active and the light on it will never attempt to check if the light state is on again until after the timeout. This is bad in a situation where somebody (like my wife) can accidentally turn the light off though other means (like a scene controller upstairs) because I have no recourse in the app via setting or behavior wise for this app to have it turn the light back on even though it is sensing motion.

I am so stubborn sometimes that I find myself holding perfectly still for 15 minutes until motion is no longer detected just so I can trigger it on again with motion. I would like the option for it to evaluate the trigger condition again (like non-triggered rules).

If you go into Options for Activate... and select Enable override... it will detect when the lights are turned off. Then the next motion active will turn the lights back on. You do have to sit still long enough for the motion sensor to go inactive, for most around 15 seconds.


Okay, this toggle here?

I'm testing with that one and I have three observations:

  1. The wording seems to make this only apply to dimmer value changs
  2. I don't think it's working based off the logs
  3. I'm using an Aeon Multisensor 6 and that OOB driver doesn't support changing the timeout or the hardware doesn't support changing the timeout. The re-trigger time is abysmal right now though.

I'm missing what the situation is here. Are the lights on? Were they turned off by someone else? What exactly is the context and what is the failure? The logs you highlight are about ML not turning them off because they aren't on. Can't tell from that whether they are on or off. The motion on the additional sensor is not going to turn them on if they are off, because the additional sensors only stop lights from being turned off, not back on. The motion sensors that cause the lights to turn on must be listed selected in the very first Motion Sensors input at the top of the page.

The lights were on and were turned on by the motion lighting app. However, a different timed rule turned them off. The motion lighting app never noticed they were turned off and never turned them back on. So, the lights are off and aren't getting back on even though the sensor is going active.

That being said, I left the app configured with the enable override and after I installed the new build today it started working the way you described it should. Go figure.