Motion lighting not working with modes

So this should be pretty straight forward.

I have a bathroom that has 2 separate rooms. Sort of a powder room and a commode / shower room. Each has smart bulbs and motion sensors that are on the zigbee network.

For the powder room, or vanity I set up a motion lighting app that triggers the group Main Vanity Lights from Main vanity motion1 and Main vanity motion 2 motion sensors.

I set the intensity to 95% and as a stand alone it works fine. BUT, when I set up with the modes and different intensities, which are 95% day, 70% evening, and 30% night. I get nothing. It just won't turn on.

Same thing for the setup in the commode / shower room called Main bathroom, with Main bathroom light and Main bathroom motion. And this is a single sensor setup so no chance a second sensor is tripping it up.

How can I get the modes working happy with this?

It might be helpful to post a screen shot of the motion lighting app itself...

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I cut off the name but its main bath light control.

That looks right.

Stupid question - have you defined those three modes in Mode Manager?

Nope. Whats mode manager? Sorry I set this up following the video tutorials...

Found it. Makes sense... that could have been better explained...

Mode Manager allows you to define the start and end times for the modes. It's pretty easy to use.

So let's see if I can narrow this down.

I have the following modes configured in mode manager.

Now that is set and defined, no open variables there.

This is the list of the lighting apps that are working, or not.

This is where it gets interesting and I suspect it has something to do with my hardware. ALL of them are trigered by Iris V2 motion sensors.

The following lighting apps work.
Front Hallway Lights Control. Hardware Zooz Zen27 Zwave switch, standard dimmable LED bulbs in fixture.
Kitchen light control. Nutone Zwave switch. LED 48" tubes in fixture.
Master Bath light control. Zooz Zen22 zwave switch, dimmable standard LED bulbs.
Master Vanity light control. Zooz Zen22 swave switch. Dimmable standard flood style LED bulbs.

Now for the ones that do not work.
Guest Bath Control. Standard wall switch. 2 Sylvania Smart+ bulbs Grouped together using Groups and Scenes.
Guest Vanity Control. Standard wall switch (3 way). 2 Sylvania Smart+ bulbs Grouped together using Groups and Scenes.
Laundry Lights Control. Stnadard wall switch. Sylvania Smart+ bulbs Grouped together using Groups and Scenes.

So for kicks and giggles I decided to delete the groups, and assign the individual bulbs to the motion light apps.

My result?

So far so good, but mode hasn't changed from day, to evening, to night yet. Will report on that tomorrow.

Something odd. The groups that show up when I expose them to Alexa show the ability to change bulb colors, even though these are soft white bulbs only.

So either the software isn't dealing with my Sylvania bulbs properly, they show up as "Advanced Zigbee Bulb".

Anyway, there we are.

I have 2 more groups of these bulbs. One is in a ceiling fan, the other is my front porch light. I probably need to figure out what to do with them, but they are not on motion controls and seem to respond properly otherwise...

So after taking the bulbs out of groups and assigning them individually to the lighting app is working under all modes.