Motion Lighting not working with GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Motion Dimmer 26933

Ok, I'm tagging @bravenel and @mike.maxwell

Looks like using the same device in both areas, the motion and the light cause a confusion? because you mentioned using RM works fine.

That's what I am suspecting. Interestingly if I create a new child motion lighting app using the same settings ( just vanilla turn on when motion active) it will trigger the light once but not on repeat motion... Odd

Try one of the user drivers for the 26933. I have one published (although I'm the process of re-doing it currently, and basing it off of my 14294 dimmer code base that is a lot cleaner), and there are a few others out there.

My guess (as I can't see the code of the built in driver HE has) is that it is not creating a state change event when motion is detected. I could be wrong, though. While I've seen the exact same thing you are seeing on the built-in driver, I don't remember if I ever went back and re-tested it on my driver.

I intentionally changed motion events in my drivers, and made all motion detection events state changes.

Here is my current driver:

Also - do you know the firmware of your device? The very newest firmware on the 26933 are odd, and don't work correctly with my driver. I'm sure I could fix my driver, but I don't have one of the devices with a new firmware to test on...

There was a change in 2.0.5 that should have made the built-in driver work with them, though.

Thanks. I've used this driver too in the hope of fixing this. Didn't work (but I will experiment again when I am back home over the weekend).

I agree with your guess but can't confirm.

Would anyone be prepared to test this out with their own set up and try a motion lighting app using one of these dimmers? If it isn't replicated it must be something I'm doing.

The fact that simple lighting and rules machine applications work with these dimmers very well is potentially a hint as to what may be going on.

I'll try it tonight or this weekend. I have a lot of them, so I can pick one that isn't so disruptive to play with. :smile:

I do a lot of motion automation with 26931 and 26933 devices - but all with RM rules, and not through the motion lighting app. The motion events work fine in RM rules.

@bravenel Before I waste more time testing, can you think of anything offhand that would make the motion detection on these Jasco/GE devices work in RM but not in Motion Lighting? Multiple people have confirmed that same behavior.

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Could it be related to the firmware issue reported in this thread?

Will try to identify my firmware version.

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Motion is reported correctly in the logs however - seems its specific to Motion Lighting App.

This is a different issue than the firmware one.

Side note on new firmware... My latest drivers should support the new firmware devices now, too. Just FYI. I don't have one of the new firmware devices, though, so can't verify. I did order a new dimmer directly from Jasco this morning, so hopefully I'll have a new firmware rev device soon.

Just to confirm even with your latest driver this doesn't work.

Cant see the firmware - how do I get that?

Thanks for your help ....

OK, we'll need @bravenel to look at Motion Lighting and see why it works differently than RM with the same events...

For firmware, the easy way I do it is:

  1. Change driver to Basic Z-Wave Tool (if you don't have that driver installed, you can get it from Hubitat's official github repository, or search on this forum).

  2. Open LOG view in a different tab/window

  3. Click Get Version Report on driver detail page.

  4. Change driver back to what it was originally. If you don;t remember, it is almost always what is listed under "Device Name" on the driver details page.

The firmware version will show up in the log as "applicationVersion".

Like this:
dev:292019-02-08 04:41:05.812 pm infoVersionReport- applicationVersion:5.38

dev:292019-02-08 04:41:05.811 pm infoVersionReport- zWaveProtocolVersion:4.54

dev:292019-02-08 04:41:05.809 pm infoVersionReport- zWaveLibraryType:Enhanced Slave

Turn on logging in Motion Lighting, it will show you what is going on.

This seems weird. I got it to turn on, and then not turn on a 2nd time... You can see in the device logs that motion was active again after it went off... And you can see nada in the motion lighting app log... Maybe it was too soon after it turned off???

Turned off @ 05:07:26
Motion active @ 05:07:30

Light did not turn back on.

Whatcha think @bravenel

Motion Lighting App Log

app:6502019-02-08 05:07:26.432 pm infoTurning off

app:6502019-02-08 05:07:26.421 pm infoOverride ended by Garage Light turned off

app:6502019-02-08 05:07:26.419 pm infoTurned off by Garage Light button off

app:6502019-02-08 05:07:25.887 pm infoTurning off

app:6502019-02-08 05:06:25.834 pm infoDelaying off for 1 minute

app:6502019-02-08 05:06:25.803 pm infoMotion inactive Garage Light

app:6502019-02-08 05:05:59.686 pm infoTurning on switch [Garage Light]

app:6502019-02-08 05:05:59.662 pm infoMotion active Garage Light

Device Events from Event page:

Name Value Unit Description Text Source Type Date

motion active Garage Light detected motion DEVICE 2019-02-08 05:07:30.213 PM CST
switch off DEVICE digital 2019-02-08 05:07:26.376 PM CST
motion inactive Garage Light motion has stopped DEVICE 2019-02-08 05:06:25.767 PM CST
switch on DEVICE digital 2019-02-08 05:06:00.172 PM CST
motion active Garage Light detected motion DEVICE 2019-02-08 05:05:59.629 PM CST

yes - turns on once but never again...

Thanks for help with firmware - will take a look.

There's no second motion active in that log.

That's the point of turning on logging in Motion Lighting, so you can see what it's seeing. It's not seeing a Second motion active event, so you wouldn't expect it to turn on the lights. Now why it's not seeing such an event is a separate question. Troubleshooting is one step at a time.

There is in the device log. Top line and bottom line.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the motion sensor and light switch names being identical. Wouldn't think so, but ??

I understand, but it's not in the app log. Look at the device events.

I know... That's the problem.

Why isn't there one in the app log, when there is in the device log?

The app log has the first motion event... Why doesn't it get any of the subsequent ones, when they are clearly showing up in the device logs?

The firmware seems to be
dev:16362019-02-08 06:27:35.573 pm infoVersionReport- applicationVersion:5.27

dev:16362019-02-08 06:27:35.571 pm infoVersionReport- zWaveProtocolVersion:4.34

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Not the log, the events. Two very different things. The driver writes the log, and it sends the events. An app can't see the logs, only events. So show the device events page.