Motion Lighting in Hub update

In motion lighting...when going into a rule..and down below the "done" button is flashing as I hover over it and I have to click it at the right time to get it to accept the rule. This is in latest version of chrome. Actually worse in Edge and seems completely broken in IE. Also this is ONLY for rules that are "use per mode settings". The rules I have that don't use per mode settings don't do this.

Please roll back to 123.

There evidently is something wrong with ML in 124.

@bravenel is there any need to roll back if I'm not using ML or can I just wait for the next update?

The problem only affects Motion Lighting.

is this the same issue that has removed the feature of setting motion lighting dimming levels per mode???

It is still possible to set Motion Lighting dimmer levels per mode. There is a switch at the top of the page to select t that option.

Thanks @bravenel. Can't believe I missed that!